Glass Painting

Painted Glass

Stunning custom painted glass available for architectural and renovation projects.

Here at Finishline Collision, we’re not just quality crash repairers, we are also passionate innovators.

In our enthusiastic pursuit of generating new and interesting ideas, we applied our knowledge of automotive paint systems to other materials and industries.

We realised that painting onto the reverse side of glass creates the ultimate durable, high-gloss cladding for wet areas that may be regularly exposed to moisture, oil and cleaning agents. While pre-painted glass packages are available from some hardware vendors, colour ranges are limited with no scope for customisation.

Automotive paints not only provide a complete spectrum with every hue and tone but allow us to incorporate light augmenting additives such as metallic and mica flecks not usually available in structural paint mixes.

Come in and take a look at our reception-area wall for an example of the kind of effect we can achieve. We’d love to talk to you about putting our innovation into your next building project.